Newegg return timeline

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I returned two items to and at the same time. And their processing time is vastly different. The items are a CPU for Amazon, brand new unopened. And a motherboard from Newegg, opened and tried, incompatible. I’m amazon prime, and Newegg prime as well. Amazon Timeline: Feb 5th,… Read more »

Liquidation Preference

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From Who Will Be Hurt Most When The Tech Bubble Bursts? Not VCs, I learnt the concept of liquidation preference. Basically, liquidation preference ensures the investment is valued over common stock and will be returned first in the case of bankruptcy and other cases. In the case of a successful… Read more »

Install wordpress on a VPS

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Configuration: VPS from DigitalOcean WordPress Installation Refer to How to migrate or install WordPress by Toma┼ż Zaman for most settings. It also includes guidance on migrating wordpress (files and database) from a previous one. Add a FTP user In order to update plugins, a ftp user needs to be created…. Read more »

Convert a Visual Studio 2010 project to a Linux project

In short The major steps are: Remove stdafx.h and improve dependency Modify signature for “main” function Setup Makefile in Linux system. Modify implementation details Modify signature for “main” function Modify the main function name from “int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])” to “int main()”. “_tmain” is not well recognized by Linux… Read more »